Praise for Lucy Neave’s debut novel, Who We Were:

Lucy Neave’s assured debut novel, vividly imagined yet written with great restraint, is a real find…Half love story, half political thriller and all of it written with cool intelligence and skill, this book traces the gradual emergence of a woman from her intense and inward-looking twin passions for her husband and her work to the gradual, dismayed realisation that these things are not separable from the machinations of the wider world.

Kerryn Goldsworthy, ‘Pick of the Week’, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Who We Were is a tale told simply with great poise and assurance. Neave has a strong narrative sense and a gift for the evocation of time and place. Against the love story, Annabel’s ruthless pursuit of truth makes the moral quandaries of the novel resonate. Annabel is by no means a simple heroine and as Neave brings alive the forces of history, I wondered what the same unflinching gaze might make of the moral ambivalences we inhabit today.

Ed Wright, The Australian

Neave’s elegant, assured prose turns a run-of-the-mill love story into an intense and intriguing narrative that builds into a Cold War thriller…This is a first-class debut novel that crosses the literary and commercial divide.

Blanche Clark, Melbourne Herald-Sun